Monday, December 20, 2010

"The Omi-Show" @ Munky King - Los Angeles, December 2010

I created a custom 'Omi' for Munky King's Custom Omi Show.
I wanted to do something totally different from what is already a great platform 'DIY' toy/canvas. So I obtained and found a way to join 4 of them into one custom which I felt broke the mold of the traditional Omi shape.

"King Omipillar"

Buy King Omipillar here

This is a traditional Omi

Munky King

"The Sharpie Show II" @ Crewest Gallery , Los Angeles - December 2010

4th "Price...Less" Show @ The Hive Gallery Los Angeles - December, 2010

I had 3 pieces up at the 4th annual "Price...Less" Show at The wonderful place that is The Hive Gallery, where I am currently a Resident Artist.
The Hive Gallery

'Square Footage 3' Show @ Plastic Chapel - Denver, CO-December 2010

I submitted a few pieces to this years Square Footage show hosted by the great people over at Platic Chapel in Denver. Here are two of the pieces.

"The Purps"

"The Purps II"

'round & 'round


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Broken deck series



More cuddly than you would think...

Slime Monsters

Slime Monster sculpture in Shadowbox

Oh yes, there will be more...

Pixel Drip Gallery / UGTL VII Nov. 20, 2010

I was involved in showing with 'Pixel Drip Gallery' at this edition of UGTL or Ultimate Gaming Tournament League. Pixel Drip is a collective which focuses on video-game themed art. Since it was a Street Fighter related tournament, I painted some of the characters. I also exhibited some of my other video game related pieces and magnets.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Malfunctioning Robot

This is acrylic on a vintage tin sign. The sign was weathered and rusted which inspired the art on it.


Top of the Dome 7 @ Crewest Gallery- Los Angeles Nov 2010

I was able to contribute to this year's Top of the Dome, 7th Annual Dia de los Muertos Exhibition at Crewest Gallery in Los Angeles with a skull of my own. This year's show featured the work of George Yepes as well as many talented locals.

Friday, October 1, 2010

JNGL Art Booth- September 24, 2010- Sub.mission Dubstep @ Cervantes, Denver CO

I was yet again given the amazing opportunity to set up a booth at this event, which was put on by Sub.mission Dubstep and Dank Dealz. Plastician was there to rock the crowd and that he did! I had original artwork, prints & magnets for sale.
Thanks again Nicole, Marty & Natalie. 'till the next time....

'Monsters Under my Bed' -Lauderhill, FL 2010 (group art show)

Im taking part in this themed Florida locals show. It's at the lovely Bear and Bird Gallery in Lauderhill, FL. It will open Saturday, Oct. 2 and goes well into November.
The show aims to explore childhood fears.

The piece I submitted is titled "Fear of the Shadows" it's focused on my over active imagination as a child, which led me to believe that creatures lurked in the shadows.
The acrylic on canvas painting features some oddly familiar creatures in the background.
(please excuse the bad pic)

JNGL-custom coin banks *$

Not only do they look fly, but they also help you save your change.

Why Not Wausau? Wisconsin Art Show -August, 2010

I flew to Wisconsin to take part in this show which showcased artwork from around the world.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Burnt Mellow

He was just relaxing with his buddies, when suddenly he was yanked out and charred to a crisp. Why would anyone do such a thing? One of my customs and original art set.

My New Logo

Tha Pu$$y- Quad Lazer EP (Dubstep)- Cover Art by JNGL

"Up and coming producer, Tha Pussy is tearing up dance floors with his Quad Lazer EP. Four banging dubstep monsters for your aural pleasure. Watch out for this man, he has a lot in store for the next year." -Beatport

You won't forget his name....Tha Pussy, Ari Maisel is not only a natural born Dubstep producer/Dj but also an outstanding tattoo artist and good friend. My personal favorite tracks are "Death Proof" and "Quad Lazer" earlier named "Mooninites Unite". His Quad Lazer EP, which is released on Filth Factory is for sale on Beatport here. Check out his tracks below...

Death Proof by Th@-Pu$$y

Mooninites Unite by Th@-Pu$$y

Quad Lazer EP

JNGL Art Booth- April 17, 2010- Sub.mission Dubstep @ Cervantes, Denver CO

I was given the opportunity to set up a booth at this event, which was put on by Sub.mission Dubstep and Dank Dealz. Thank you Nicole, Marty & Natalie for letting me showcase my art!