Monday, December 20, 2010

"The Omi-Show" @ Munky King - Los Angeles, December 2010

I created a custom 'Omi' for Munky King's Custom Omi Show.
I wanted to do something totally different from what is already a great platform 'DIY' toy/canvas. So I obtained and found a way to join 4 of them into one custom which I felt broke the mold of the traditional Omi shape.

"King Omipillar"

Buy King Omipillar here

This is a traditional Omi

Munky King

"The Sharpie Show II" @ Crewest Gallery , Los Angeles - December 2010

4th "Price...Less" Show @ The Hive Gallery Los Angeles - December, 2010

I had 3 pieces up at the 4th annual "Price...Less" Show at The wonderful place that is The Hive Gallery, where I am currently a Resident Artist.
The Hive Gallery

'Square Footage 3' Show @ Plastic Chapel - Denver, CO-December 2010

I submitted a few pieces to this years Square Footage show hosted by the great people over at Platic Chapel in Denver. Here are two of the pieces.

"The Purps"

"The Purps II"

'round & 'round


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Broken deck series



More cuddly than you would think...

Slime Monsters

Slime Monster sculpture in Shadowbox

Oh yes, there will be more...

Pixel Drip Gallery / UGTL VII Nov. 20, 2010

I was involved in showing with 'Pixel Drip Gallery' at this edition of UGTL or Ultimate Gaming Tournament League. Pixel Drip is a collective which focuses on video-game themed art. Since it was a Street Fighter related tournament, I painted some of the characters. I also exhibited some of my other video game related pieces and magnets.