Thursday, May 5, 2011

Avatar Painting for The Hive Gallery 6th Year Anniversary Group Show. April 2011

Check out my painting and avatar story for this show...

Forest Keeper, Shaman Healer

The Dongu's skills are inherit to his kind. Keenly in tune with mother nature he is capable of controlling the spawn, growth and bloom of all things fungal, plant-like and green. In turn, having a loose influence over some fauna & insects that depend on flora. He is the keeper of the balance of the forest. Responsible for reforestation and replacement of any loss to the balance of nature. His inherit wisdom & knowledge of the natural gives him the ability to concoct healing honey based cures, elixirs, ailments & potions with shamanistic properties. His sole means of defense is a simple yet potent fungal concoction which causes confusion and hallucinations to those exposed.

Avatar story:

The Dongu is a mild mannered, simple and peaceful creature. He believes not in evil, has no fear, and is pure of heart. He believes that all things exist as they should. He has no interest in possessions or even an agenda of his own. He just has an instinctual need to care for the forest and its dwellers. Which he follows blindly and carefully by keeping the balance of the forest he inhabits. He is a caring friendly creature who is rarely spotted almost solely in instances when another being is in need of his healing help or shamanic guidance. He mostly sleeps high on tree tops and travels by leaping from tree to tree, or at a slow steady pace on foot. He can easily be befriended due to his trusting nature, making him a very helpful companion. In turn, causing their race a great deal of hardship by often being enslaved by other more powerful, violent avatars who find use of his medicinal and shamanistic talents. His diet relies on honey,rich greens, fruits and vegetables.

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